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So what now?

Today is a meeting with the school principal.  Organizing school is a full time job.  Well, not exactly, I guess in the scheme of things it is really part time, 1/4 time.  We are not having success with the IEP that was written for the year in October.  To be exact, we are having trouble having the IEP implemented.  B should be getting modified homework assignments and help getting the right homework home.  Neither is happening.

Our first IEP meeting this year was not a pleasant experience.  As I have told others, there were too many egos in the room and I felt I had to deal with those before B’s issue because I was going to work with these women for the year.  That does not lead to a successful meeting.  After the principal stepped in with discipline, I believe, for most parties involved, our next meeting went much more smoothly.  My goal at that point though was to get something written on paper and then we would go from there.  I believe what is on paper will work, it is just not being done.

Thus the meeting.